[Volunteering] is awesome – you really don’t realize how good you have it until you are here. It is eye-opening.

Julio R. HCFB Volunteer

[The distributions] are honestly a lifesaver and life line for people. It is for me.

Leroy Client

Volunteering at the distributions is very fulfilling, I like helping people who need it. It just makes you feel good.

Tim HCFB Volunteer

My taxes have gone up about 6x this year, almost forcing me to come here. I don’t have an I.D. so I couldn’t challenge it. Life’s expensive.

Jimmy Client

I like helping people out. I started volunteering here over the summer (2012) and have stayed ever since.

Carlos HCFB Volunteer

I’m a quadriplegic and cannot work. My two mentally challenged nieces live with me also. Honestly, distribution has been the difference between having meals or not. I’m very grateful for the food, time and resources that have been given to me.

Pam Client - Kyle, Texas

I became a volunteer because I was going to the distributions to get food for myself. There were never steady volunteers so I just asked how I could help. I’ve been doing it ever since, I love it.

Susan HCFB Volunteer and Client

My husband was laid off 3 days after my son-in-law lost his job. My daughter is expecting, so we are a family of five. My fridge was bare. I didn’t know how to feed my family. When we got food I was so happy to have food to eat. It helped our family. Thank you.

Diane Client - Kyle, Texas

It’s very gratifying to help other people, I’m enjoying every minute.

Abel HCFB Volunteer

My family needs help because times are hard, we are barely making it by on my husband’s job. I can always depend on receiving food (from the Hays County Food Bank) every week.

Michelle Client - Kyle, Texas

I do it for the love of others. It is an appreciation for what God has done for you.

Eloy HCFB Volunteer and Client

The HCFB has helped make sure our children have had food in times when we didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. (HCFB) treats you like family and understand how you feel having to go through such struggles.

Deborah Client - San Marcos, Texas

This is more fulfilling than any job I have ever had. I look forward to coming to work and feel satisfied when I leave. The greatest vocation any person could have or want.

Daniel HCFB Volunteer

It is very costly to feed the family, pay bills, etc. We have a large household, my wife is disabled and I am presently unemployed. We have to be very careful how we spend money. Thanks to the food bank it has helped to make food go farther. We try very hard not to waste food and to be creative with the various food we receive. By receiving food from the food bank, it takes away the worry of where our next meal will come from. The staff has been great and our children are fed and thankful for all we receive.

Wayne Client - San Marcos, Texas

There is a very comfortable, no stress feeling [at the food bank]. Everyone feels welcome and part of a community.

Diane HCFB Volunteer