April 1 - May 15, 2019 

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Our clients are in need of food throughout the year. However, the majority of community food drives occur during the holiday season and most of the food that comes in through these drives is canned. We believe that a little healthy competition is a good way to inspire schools, churches, civic clubs/organizations, and businesses to change lives by getting into the spirit of giving! This is why we are holding our second annual Spring Harvest Healthy Food Drive Challenge, which will:
  • encourage the donation of fresh foods, thus increasing our clients'  access to nutritious options,
  • raise awareness about hunger by reminding Hays County residents that their neighbors benefit from food assistance year-round, and
  • recognize the hard work that competing teams are doing by giving them the chance to house our traveling trophy from 2019 - 2020.
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2017 Winners - Wallace Middle School in Kyle
2018 Winners - Texas State University Residence Hall Association
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Need some inspiration on how to gather nutritious foods? Check below for some ideas:
  • Does your church or club have a garden? Plant an extra row for the food bank. If you don't have a garden, now is a great time to start one.
  • Keep things interesting by collecting a different type of food each week:
    • List of most needed healthy non-perishable foods.
  • Host a fun 'get fit' activity (1K/5K, yoga class, etc.) and have people bring healthy food donations to participate. Exercise and eating right go hand in hand!
  • Throw a healthy recipe-themed party (Veggie Stew Social, Meatless BBQ Bash, Salad Soiree, etc...) and ask everyone to bring in the ingredients to donate. Include your recipe and it may even end up in our client's hands.
  • Challenge friends and family to come up with a healthy recipe under $10 that will feed a family of 4. Donate recipes and uncooked groceries for meals. Your recipe may even end up in our Food Wise blog!
  • Hold an event where you build the food pyramid with donations! Calculate the servings from each item and see how many individuals you fed for a day.
Do not hesitate to contact Whitney Lewis by email or at (512) 392-8300 ext. 230 to brainstorm ideas. Once you decide what kind of fun food drive you would like to coordinate, you can register it with us below:
Feel free to bring fresh produce donations by as often as you want! Please make sure to specify that your donation is for the Spring Harvest Healthy Food Drive Challenge.

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