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The Hays County Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides food and grocery items to individuals, families, and more than 40 partner agencies throughout the county.  In 2013, we distributed more than 509,000 pounds of food at no charge, to an average of 4,402 Hays County families per month.

All of our services are free of charge. In order to successfully fulfill our mission to feed hungry people in Hays County, we rely on support from local businesses, organizations, churches, foundations, governments, and individuals. Check out our blog, calendar, and photo gallery for all the latest news and events.

If you would like to coordinate your own food or fund drive please visit the event page here to find out what all you should know.




CROP Walk-April 27th-2:00-4:30



Meet us at Dunbar Recreation Center at 2:00 to walk with us as we strive to end poverty, hunger, and water insecurity both locally and globally.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  We are currently looking for sponsors for our own team, the HCFB Food Rescue Rangers as well as people who would just like to walk with us.


 To Register or Sponsor your own team or walker:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on CROP Hunger Walk
  3. Choose Texas
  4. Choose Hays County CROP Hunger Walk

For more information , please contact Renee Schwartz.

FOODSTOCK-A San Marcos Tradition

Where were you on April 5th, 2014? Were you sitting at home watching TV with your family? Maybe grilling outside for out-of-town company? Hitting the streets of San Antonio or Austin for the best restaurants or shopping districts? Well, if you were doing any of these things you missed out on one great party in the center of beautiful San Marcos, Texas!


FOODSTOCK is a tri-annual event benefiting the Hays County Food Bank, and this year’s string of festivals kicked off with a bang! This was the biggest and best of all, and we just know it’s only going up from here.

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Spring Has Arrived in Texas!

Winter in Texas usually isn’t that harsh. We usually have a couple of cold days, sometimes some snow or ice, but usually nothing we Texans can’t handle. However, for whatever reason, this winter was just awful. Cold storms lasted until March, multiple ice storms shut down roads, freezing temperatures happened much more frequently than normal, and Cedar Fever was the absolute worst it has ever been. I can attest to the last one as I suffered royally from January to February. So is there anything that makes us thankful for this brutal, bitter winter we had? I know one thing! Spring! I am so thankful that Spring is finally here in Texas. The Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, Buttercups, and multiple other Texas wildflowers are in bloom, dotting the countryside with colors of red, purple, yellow, blue, and white. This also means the weather is milder and it is time for kite flying, picnics, and many other outdoor activities we have been too cold to even think about doing.



Photo by roy.luck
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